"It's my mission to bring diversity and honesty into every classroom..."

- Marjan Naderi at the United Nation's Girl Up Campaign Panel in 2019



October 2019 - August 2021


Curated and conducted workshop sessions with students in KG - 8th Grade in Washington, D.C. online and in-person. Workshops feature writing about social justice, performance aid, and more. To learn more, visit: https://www.dcscores.org/blog/2020/12/our-bright-moments-in-a-dark-time

Fall of 2019

City Wide Workshops in D.C. Private Schools

Curated and lead workshops throughout private schools in D.C. Workshop titles include: Self-Discovery Through The Art of Spoken Word, Conquering the College Essay, The Origins of Slam, Finding Your Name Underneath an Identity, and How to Use Our Senses to Live Happier. 

March 2020

Learning My Name Lesson featured in

the LMS Voice Curriculum Database

Learning My Name became a poetry lesson in the LMS Curriculum Database. The lesson instructs students, "to think about the significance or the history behind their own names. Some students may have a rich history, while some students may have no history; this is perfectly fine. Some students have written about how “bland” their names are, some have written about wishing they had another name, etc. Give these students some room to be creative."

December 2020

Poems and performances used as teaching material in Young Adult Writers Program: Zero to Slam Poet!

"Slam poetry has grown into a venue for people of all ages to share their stories, their struggles, their love, and their hope. We’ll be learning from the work of poets such as Danez Smith, Anis Mojgani, Marjan Naderi, Ebony Stewart, Richard Siken, Sarah Kaye, and Melissa Lozada-Oliva. We all have stories inside of us, sometimes we just need to figure out the best way to share them." 

Spring 2016

Founder of The Washington International Academy Library.

Along with Sumaiyah Fatima, Areebah Jahin, Hanan Rahman, Sumayya Gumus, Lula Abdu, and Roudah Chacker; we funded and founded the school's library accessible to grades 1st-8th grade. Library still stands today on Edsall Rd, Alexandria VA.

September 2017 - June 2019

Afghan Academy’s mission is to teach and disseminate religious, educational, cultural, and social values of Afghanistan to the new generation of local Afghan communities. To provide support to scholars for their educational, cultural, and social research studies. To expand relations between the Afghan community and other social and cultural organizations nationally and internationally. To help our seniors, youth, and Afghan families in need.